Happy Terry Pratchett Day!

On Sir Terry’s birthday we are delighted to reveal the new covers for the City Watch series, designed by Leo Nickolls in consultation with Paul Kidby.
The new collection aims to introduce Discworld to a younger generation of readers.
Paul Kidby said: “I’ve enjoyed being part of the development of the vibrant new jackets for the Discworld novels created by Leo Nickolls using my character designs. It has been very interesting to consult on the covers and see how my artwork can be transformed with digital magical wossname. We have been working particularly closely with Leo on the City Watch series where my illustrations of the main characters take centre stage.”
And Leo said: “It’s a very rare pleasure to work with Paul’s beautiful illustrations, and a very bashful pleasure that he approves of my transforming and re-arranging them to create this Watch series… I still pinch myself daily that I’m working on Discworld, my younger self’s head would have exploded if I’d known!”
The City Watch collection will be published on the Glorious 25th of May.

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