Discworld Monthly – Issue 177 – January 2012

January 10th, 2012

Welcome to issue 177 and to 2012. We hope you had a great end of year celebration and are looking forward to 2012.

This year we can expect a couple of new books from Terry. The Long Earth written with Stephen Baxter due in June and Dodger (previously Happy Families) in the Autumn.

Hopefully we will also see filming start on Good Omens, Unseen Academicals and the CSI Ankh-Morpork series.

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Comments for: Discworld Monthly – Issue 177 – January 2012

  1. James Allen says:

    wat books are comeing out this year

  2. Steve Hoyt says:

    I have been reading Terry’s books for years and I am a devoted fan. I particularly love the Disc World series with the witches and Death. I recently converted to a Kindle and am spending my recovery time, from spinal surgery, catching up on all things Terry. I’m a Senior Citizen with a sense of humor and you satisfy that need.

  3. Peter Holme says:

    I was loaned “The Colour of Magic” by a friend and since added every one of Terry’s books in my library. Come to think of it I never did give back “the Colour of Magic.” I look forward to the 2012 publications

  4. KEN.DOG says:

    i love all of the discworld books. have just read SNUFF. the watch are the best.

    howeaver i am intrested in DEATH. esp his man servent albert. would love to know his back story.

    can wait for more discworld. all the best for 2012!

  5. g says:

    Hi I’m planning ahead, way ahead, but could someone tell me the dates for Hogswatch this year. Need the time for costume decisions.

  6. shayne says:

    hope its true about csi Ankh-Morepork and good omens cant wait hope to get to wincanton this year to