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Washington Post's review of Snuff

Terry Pratchett published his first Discworld romp, “The Color of Magic,” in 1983, and his newest satirical fantasy, “Snuff,” is his 39th. Bounding between a wealth of settings and scenarios, Pratchett has forged a wicked roster of heroines and heroes, including several members of “the occult community” and Sam Vimes, a policeman who has risen from the slums of Ankh-Morpork to a dukedom without ditching his street smarts.As they do their best to extricate themselves (and sometimes the entire multiverse) from disaster, Pratchett’s players offer up droll takes on matters both serious and absurd. In “Snuff,” for example, Vimes can acknowledge the bravery of a braying “fierce old warhorse” while remaining aware that “this would have been absolutely tickety-boo were it not for the suicides of those poor fools who followed him into battle…”

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