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Tribute Planned for Final Discworld®

Around the world, fans of Terry Pratchett are coming together to take part in a video tribute dedicated to the legendary Discworld® series. In photographing themselves with their most treasured quote from Discworld®, people are capturing the delight, humour and fantastic adventure of these beloved books. These photographs will be woven together into a tribute video, to be released on YouTube later this year.

27 August 2015 will mark the end of an era as the final book in the Discworld® series, THE SHEPHERD’S CROWN, is published. It is also the final day you can submit your photos for inclusion in the tribute video, organised by Penguin Random House Australia.

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Anyone, anywhere can take part. Simply take a photo of yourself and your favourite quote from Discworld® or Terry Pratchett – costumes, friends and pets optional – and email us it to us at theshepherdscrown@penguinrandomhouse.com.au

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With the final Discworld® book almost upon us, a video tribute seems a fitting way to channel our appreciation for Terry Pratchett‘s words. Send us your contribution before 27 August 2015, the day THE SHEPHERD’S CROWN is released, and we’ll take it from there – so you can get on with reading.

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