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Tower Players to perform Wyrd Sisters this October

Terry Pratchett's Wyrd SistersThis October 19th and 20th, Tower Players will be transporting their audiences to a distant and second-hand set of dimensions, in an astral plane that was never meant to fly, to a world where Terry Pratchett has taken Shakespeare’s Macbeth and then turned it up ’till the knob comes off!

It’s all there – a wicked duke, a power-hungry duchess, the ghost of a murdered king, dim soldiers, strolling players, a land in peril!

And who stands between the Kingdom and destruction?   Three witches. Granny Weatherwax (intolerant, self-opinionated, powerful), Nanny Ogg (down-to-earth, vulgar) and Magrat Garlick (naive, fond of occult jewellery and bunnies).

The Rose Theatre – Rugeley, Staffordshire

Adults £7 : Concessions £6

Tickets can be booked via www.towerplayers.co.uk/tptickets.html

Box Office 01889 584306

Enquiries : towerplayers@live.com

Doors open at 7pm : Performance Starts 7:30pm