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The Sir Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge 2012

Yes my fellow bookworms I have ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ about this one long enough and have decided I should give it a go. The Sir Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge is hosted by Hannah on her lovely blog Once Upon A Time, and here is how Hannah describes her challenge:

The Sir Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge

‘I have been thinking about this challenge for a few months now and it seems that this is the perfect time to get it out there. You see, I need to read more Pratchett. I adore the man, I adore Discworld, yet everytime it comes up in conversation, “I’ve only read as far as Guards, Guards and I can’t even remember what happened, I definitely need to read more.” So I have been dutifully collecting Pratchett books when I’ve spotted them in the charity shop in the hopes that I’ll finally live up to that. But I haven’t. Thus the Pratchett reading challenge 2012 is born.’

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