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The Shepherd’s Crown: Halloween Discworld Events Pack

Decoration Ideas

Download the Halloween Shepherds Crown Event Pack

There are so many Discworld themes you could try out – here are a few ideas based around Tiffany Aching and the Witches in general. Don’t forget to decorate inside the store and in the window!


Classic Witch paraphernalia:


  • Broomstick – any traditional broom with a wooden handle and long bristles tied to the end would work w
  • Witches hats – Black pointy hats are standard for a Discworld Buy some from a fancy dress shop or make your own from black card.
  • Cauldron / kettle / teapot – every witch needs a good cup of strong tea now and then, but she won’t be seen with a fancy china teapot, it’s plain black iron, just like the kettle that hangs over the fire!
  • Shambles – make your own shambles from string and any random objects you have to See the extract on pages 47-48 of Wintersmith for a description of one.



Boffo Goods to ramp up the Witchy-ness:


  • Skulls are great to add atmosphere to any party! Add black candles to the top for extra spookiness…
  • Cobwebs work wonders – get a can to spray on (you can find them online) and add a few fake spiders too!
  • Crystal balls aren’t every witch’s cup of tea but some swear by them and they do look the business when you’re trying to impress.

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Costume Ideas


Classic Witch:


  • Black hat (from fancy dress shop or online)
  • Black dress
  • Black boots
  • Black cape
  • Accessorise with broomstick, cat, and as much or as little occult jewellery as you wish


Granny Weatherwax:

As classic witch but no jewellery (she doesn’t hold with shoppin’) – add some hat pins and a stern expression instead.


Nanny Ogg:

As classic but add a huge grey cat draped over your shoulders, a pipe and a twinkle in your eye suggesting you’ve just heard a very dirty joke…


Tiffany Aching:

Swap your black dress for something softer – pale blue or green is good – but keep the big black boots, they’re essential.Tiffany has a silver necklace with a horse pendant and is often followed by a horde of Nac Mac Feegle… but that could be harder to recreate for yourself! Try pinning a bit of sheep’s wool to your cape or dress instead to remind you of the Chalk.


Miss Treason:

If you really want to go to town with the witch theme try Miss Treason – she’s very old, with long white hair. She’s blind but uses two ravens to see for her, they sit on a perch across her shoulders. She also wears a huge iron clock on her belt which ticks loudly like a heartbeat. And she walks with two sticks. See Wintersmith page 29 for a description and the cover for an illustration…


The Wee Free Men/Nac Mac Feegle:

See The Wee Free Men page 81 for a description. Any or all of the following would work well:

  • Blue skin – can be tattooed
  • Red Hair – on face and head – often roughly plaited
  • Kilt (and waistcoat if you’re feeling chilly)
  • Sporran (or spog if we’re being accurate)
  • Weapons of the sword variety (just be careful not to actually hurt anyone!)



The fairies are Tiff ’s enemies in The Wee Free Men and they reappear in The Shepherd’s Crown.You can get really creative with a fairy costume and customise it to your heart’s desire. Here are some ideas:

  • Velvet and brocade
  • Ruffle shirts, tight britches, riding boots
  • Ball gowns
  • Tons of jewellery
  • Wild accessories like feathers
  • Glitter – anywhere and everywhere
  • Pointy ears!
  • Intricate hair styles and decorations
  • Crowns/tiaras
  • Wings



Always a fun one! Often seen accompanied by Binky, his white horse, and a tiny skeleton Rat of Death… Try the following for Death himself:

  • Black robes with large hood
  • Skeletal body (try a fancy dress shop or online for skeleton costumes)
  • Scythe
  • Hourglasses filled with the sands of time
  • Voice like the shutting of coffin lids

Colouring Sheets


Line art adapted from original illustrations by Paul Kidby.


Line art adapted from original illustrations by Paul Kidby.

Line art adapted from original illustrations by Paul Kidby.

Line art adapted from original illustrations by Paul Kidby.

Line art adapted from original illustrations by Paul Kidby.



Download the Halloween Shepherds Crown Event Pack