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Terry Pratchett: Those of us with dementia need a little help from our friends

Terry writes for The Guardian about writing with dementia, and society’s marginalisation of those with the condition.

‘A few years ago, my novel Dodger took the reader back to times long gone to meet famous names of fact and fiction, and brought them together on a journey – ultimately – of chivalry. Enduring danger and peril, they chase a woman who needs saving and do their best to protect her. In the book, Dodger (who is based on Dickens’s masterful portrayal of the original Artful Dodger) gets into a number of scrapes for Simplicity’s sake. As a reward, we see him climb the social ladder of acceptance until, by the end of the book, he is honoured and revered.

Without appearing a curmudgeon, I worry that such kindness could be a thing of the past. As you may already know, I live with dementia. ‘

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