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Monstrous Productions to perform Carpe Jugulum


I’ve become the owner of a theatre company. I’m not sure how this happened but it has. It all started with the little suggestions from the fans following Monstrous, along the lines of “that was great, please do more” but I suppose the idea properly came from my childhood best friend who works for Barclays who said “You know, if you did this for charity I could get you a donation and profit match what you give to charity”. Add in a little nagging from the Monstrous cast and BOOM! Monstrous Productions was born.

So, what exactly is Monstrous Productions?! Well, we’re a Cardiff based theatre company who solely perform Pratchett adaptations. We’re funded through sponsorship and investors and all of our profit goes to Alzheimer’s Research UK. Our next production will be Carpe Jugulum in June 2013 (possibly ‘Going Postal’ – will keep you updated). I’m going to hold auditions for all of the South Wales area; anyone who has the time to rehearse twice a week from March until June is welcome, I’m hoping to get all ages and backgrounds.

Read more here  or visit the Monstrous Productions Facebook page.