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I'm scared of dying badly, admits Alzheimer's sufferer Terry Pratchett

Dying badly is a far greater worry for Sir Terry Pratchett than death itself, he has confessed.

The author, who has campaigned for better Alzheimer’s treatment after revealing in 2007 that he was a sufferer, was asked about how he was coping with the disease at the Hay Festival of literature.

He replied: ‘I am scared of dying badly. But then I think that is something most people (are scared of).’

Sir Terry, 64, insisted he was not frightened of dying itself – and jokes that this was because he has personified Death as a character so often in his fantasy novels.

He added: ‘I can’t be bothered about death. I’ve made ‘him’ so popular he really must owe me’. Sir Terry, who is famed for his Discworld fantasy series, has sold more than 65million books worldwide and, after JK Rowling, is the most popular writer in Britain.

Despite battling Alzheimer’s, Sir Terry said he remains as busy as ever. He has written a new Oliver Twist-style novel called Dodger, inspired by the Artful Dodger character in Charles Dickens’s story.

He said: ‘I just woke up one day and it seemed like a really good idea.

‘In those days the underclass of Victorian times was more or less living on the streets.

‘I created Dodger who is a tosher, which is someone who goes in to the sewers to find currency.’ The book, which features real-life characters including Dickens, Benjamin Disraeli, and Queen Victoria, is released in the autumn.

Another novel, The Long Earth, his first collaboration with sci-fi author Stephen Baxter, is also out later this year.

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