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11 Reasons Terry Pratchett Is A Literary Genius

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1. World-building.

Many writers are excellent world builders; it’s sort of a requirement in good fantasy literature. Terry Pratchett, however, ranks among the best. Discworld is engrossingly sprawling and feels real — just like in our world, there are laws governing Discworld that make it feel less like pure fantasy and more like a land we all missed out on being born in through sheer chance.

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2. Every book can stand alone.

Despite how complex and intricate Discworld is, the books are accessible to any new reader — because you can pick up any of them and dive right in. Imagine trying to do that with Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings (both excellent series that I adore).

If you like to have your chronology in order, some devoted readers have created a map that suggests starting points and reading order.



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