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Terry Pratchett: A Memorial

Terry Pratchett: A Memorial. 14th April 2016. #speakhisname More information coming soon.

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A Tribute to Terry Pratchett and Discworld®

Fans from around the world contributed their favourite quotes to make this heartfelt tribute, showcasing Sir Terry’s brilliant wit and imagination. The final Discworld® book, THE SHEPHERD’S CROWN, has now been released.

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Petition launched to name new element ‘Octarine’ in honour of Terry Pratchett

@terryandrob Twitter

Terry Pratchett fans are calling for the beloved author to be honoured by naming a new element in the periodic table after his popular Discworld book series. Element 117 was recently confirmed by the International Union of Applied Chemistry and given a temporary symbol of Uus. Now, Dr Kat Day, a chemist, blogger and self-proclaimed “huge” Pratchett fan wants 117 to […]

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