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Sir Terry Pratchett sculpture for Salisbury art trail

A life-sized fibreglass sculpture with the face of Sir Terry Pratchett decorated by long-time Discworld collaborator Paul Kidby is to go on display. The author died on 12 March following a public struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Up to 25 statues of medieval barons, decorated by local artists, will be placed around Salisbury from 12 June. [...]

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Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch – politically inspiring, gloriously funny

Reading group: In this book we see the author maturing along with his storytelling skills, while losing none of his wit How’s this for a cynical analysis of last week’s general election? People on the side of The People always ended up disappointed, in any case. They found that The People tended not to be grateful [...]

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The 10 best tributes to Terry Pratchett

How fans of the late Discworld author celebrated a hero of literature, using an inspiring mix of graffiti, secret code, pub signs and tattoos Terry Pratchett’s family motto was Noli Timere Messorum – don’t fear the reaper – and the tributes that have flooded in since his death in March aged 66 have been joyous rather than [...]

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