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Shaking Hands with Death

‘Most men don’t fear death. They fear those things – the knife, the shipwreck, the illness, the bomb – which precede, by microseconds if you’re lucky, and many years if you’re not, the moment of death.’ You may have seen it on BBC1 or read it in A Slip of the Keyboard and now on [...]

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Graffiti tribute to Terry Pratchett in Shoreditch completed three months after author’s death

A graffiti tribute to the late Terry Pratchett which went viral after being pictured as a work-in-progress is finally complete. Thousands of people shared pictures of Jim Vision and Dr Zadok‘s mural in Brick Lane when it was in its early stages. The artists started work on the mural shortly after the acclaimed fantasy novelist [...]

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Neil Gaiman: ‘If you think Terry Pratchett was a sweet man, you didn’t know him’

Gaiman speaks about his ‘gloriously irritating’ friend, who died earlier this year The late Discworld author Terry Pratchett was a “gloriously grumpy”, complex man, who should never be thought of as simply “sweet”, his friend and collaborator Neil Gaiman said today. Gaiman was speaking about Pratchett, who died on March 12 after a long battle [...]

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