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Postby Penfold » Sat May 15, 2010 10:54 pm

Total surprise! :shock: I got 71% :shock: (I must be watching too much 'Top Gear', that's the only explanation I can come up with. :lol:)
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Postby mspanners » Sun May 16, 2010 10:18 am

84 % not to well up on the Yank cars but nailed all the others first shot! 8)
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Postby mystmoon » Sun May 16, 2010 6:56 pm

64% :roll:
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Postby Doughnut Jimmy » Mon May 17, 2010 2:40 pm

Failed with 52%

I reckon this should replace A levels - its a lot tougher
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Postby Ponder Stibbons » Wed May 26, 2010 3:09 pm

29% :( :lol: :lol: Duh F! Fake~ :roll:
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Postby Tiffany » Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:21 pm

Took it again & only got 57% so still failed. I don't drive btw never learnt.
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Postby ghostsecurity28 » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:05 pm

77% grade C+ :)
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Postby jonny » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:18 pm

I'm deeply sad when it comes to cars

100% A* :D
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Postby fords » Wed Sep 01, 2010 6:38 pm

55%. I'm useless when it comes to US cars.
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