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Steven Erikson

Postby Fizz » Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:50 pm

I tend to group Erikson in with George R.R. Martin. For me they are two of the leading fantasy writers in this genre.

This series is a bit more far fetched and fantastical as opposed to Martin's, but it is also very much worth picking up.

Where Martin makes use of Britain and it's history of the War of Roses, Erikson is examining a more ancient form of literary history, Homer's epic Iliad.

This series is unsettling at first, and yet it picks up a very common literary trope, In Medias Res. You're thrown head first into an epic battle of which you know very little about. A long standing Emperor has just been overthrown, and there are various factions all scrambling about to assert their own independence and authority.

You have Gods who pretend to be mortal, mortals who masquerade as Gods, some who achieve godhood, others who simply like chaos. You have the walking un-dead out for revenge. You have a lunatic Warrior King, a twenty foot talking vulture, wizards that destroy themselves. And this is just half of the first book.

So if this intrigues yoou, it might be worth checking out. Erikson has a background in anthropology, so he is well versed in history and nature and has a keen eye for description.

Series: Malazaan Book of the Fallen
Book 1: Gardens of the Moon

Such a brilliant series. Cheers.
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