Discworld 1 & 2 remakes for iPhone/touch?

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Discworld 1 & 2 remakes for iPhone/touch?

Postby Pooo » Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:03 pm

Hi guys,

I have many fond memories of these games and a firm believer that they are the finest point and click games ever made. With the recent revival of this genre on the iPhone, do you think there is any chance there is a remake in the works? I'd happily pay top dollar for these titles and would love to see these games be played by a new generation of gamers.

Cheers :)
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Postby Quark » Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:23 am

I'm not sure if anyone's converted the Discworld games to Ipod Touch/Iphone. You could have a look at the independent community: A lot of weird projects go on there.
Alternatively, if you're feeling especially brave, you could seek help on running a Windows or DOS emulator on your handheld. This would almost certainly mean 'jailbreaking' it, doing a bit of hacking and definitely voiding your warranty, but the end result would be that you could run the original Windows/DOS versions of the games, as well as any other touch-friendly computer game from earlier days.
Actually, the Discworld games are pretty much abandonware now, which means that nobody really sells them any more and the only way to get them is to download them from - ahem - certain sites. So you could get them for your PC without much trouble.

Here we go:
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Postby unique904 » Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:19 am

While searching the net to find any info of weather there were any plans for a remake of discworld which was 1 of the funniest games I remember and the only point and click game that really grabbed me and kept me plying until the very end, anyway as I was saying as I have been searching I can not find any plans to re-release this game in iPhone format which is ultimately the best option for compatibltity and what not ,
Tge method mentioned above does not work as there are no compatibie graphic drivers to display games , u can install dos tjo on certain models of iphone but there isnt anything u can do with them tgere more a novelty thing esspecially with the long boit up times
How ever there is an very easy way to play the game on ya iPhone , u do need to jailbreak your iPhone which is legal and only voids ya warranty if u take ya phone to the apple store but usually they will just say we can't help u until u have restored it via iTunes , so anyway once u have jailbroken ya iPhone and installed cydia u need to install a app called psx4all and then u can play your ps1 games , just simply make a backup of your original and transfer it onto your iPhone or if u don't know how to make a backup then download 1 from the net just make sure u have the original otherwise u r breaking the law .
Personally I'd like to keep high hopes that the game makers will see that there is a chance to make a comeback with there game and reformat it for the iPhone like they have with monkey island , which doesn't grip me, think it was the fact that at the time of disc world I was a big fan of Eric idle 2 , anyway hope this helps some of u to relive the joys of discworld and other games
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