Do you know Kenken?

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Do you know Kenken?

Postby ChristianBecker » Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:03 pm

I've just read an article about Kenken in Spektrum der Wissenschaft. It's a game quite similar to Sudoku, but there are not necessarily any numbers filled in already.
Instead you have a frame around 2 or more fields and a hint like 20×, 2÷, 3+, 5-, so you know what the product, sum, quotient or difference of the numbers within that frame has to be.
Rules are like for Sudoku - in each row and column all numbers must occur once. Quite a fascinating game.
You can find it either here: (limited to 7x7 kenkens) or here (up to 20x20 kenkens).
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