The Terry Pratchett Prize, Round Two...

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Re: The Terry Pratchett Prize, Round Two...

Postby Quatermass » Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:59 am

In additional good news, I have written my first proper short story, which I hope to (after some revision and polish) submit to Aurealis. It's a horror story with a nice little twist... :twisted:
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Re: The Terry Pratchett Prize, Round Two...

Postby ClaySaunders » Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:50 am

Quatermass wrote:Well, nobody's posted this, so I might as well...

The winner was announced as 21 year old Alexander Maskill with his entry: THE HIVE

Alexander Maskill is currently studying a Politics degree at the University of Leicester. He began his novel in August and completed it in just five months. The prize is a £20,000 publishing contract. He had this to say:

“I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity the folks at Transworld have given me. I was up against some amazing writers on the shortlist and I’m still reeling from the fact that my story was chosen for the award. I’m really looking forward to working with such a great team to get The Hive published and out into the world.”

Sir Terry commented:

‘2013’s shortlisted novels were of an exceptionally high standard. It was remarkably difficult to choose just one winner but we felt that Alexander Maskill’s The Hive was a unique and original take on Man vs. Technology in an altered future. Alex has a promising future for one whose first attempt at writing a novel has won him the prize!’

The Book

The Hive takes us to New Cairo, a city built on technology, from the huge solar panels that keep civilisation going in a changed world, to the artificial implants that have become the answer to all and any medical problem. When a powerful new computer virus begins to spread through the poorest districts shutting down the life-giving implants, it threatens to tip the city into a violent class struggle. Hiding out amongst the riots and underground resistance, Zala Ulora, one of the most wanted criminals in the city and a gifted hacker, must trace the virus to its source before it destroys the city, or the city destroys itself.

Sir Terry Pratchett and Transworld Publishers would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry to the prize.


So, that was a year's effort, wasted.

It was not good decision at all..All my efforts gone in vain:(:(
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