Shadesian rhyming slang

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Shadesian rhyming slang

Postby Square12 » Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:01 pm

Had a thought today could I create a discworld equivalent to Cockney rhyming slang. Obviously there are many that due to narrativium and morphic resonance exist in both Cockney and Shadesian such as "butchers hook" = look, "plates of meat" = feet etc. however some roundworld references simply don't exist in discworld such as "Gregory Peck=" neck, "north and south" = mouth.
Here's what I've come up with so far, feel free to add your own, if you are unsure of how it works, often only the first, non-rhyming part is said so for example "You're going to say I'm rat onna, but I'm sure I saw a nanny ogg talking yesterday, turned my head away, when I looked back he was foul ole!"
Translates as
You're going to say I'm thick, but I'm sure I saw a dog talking yesterday, turned my head away, when I looked back he was gone!

Shadesian rhyming slang

Nanny ogg = dog
Foul ole Ron = gone
Burleigh & stronginthearm = charm
Rat onna stick = thick
Sam vimes = crimes
Swamp dragon = flagon
Ribboner blacks = clacks
Dwarfs beard = weird
Toasted figgin = diggin'
Sator square = square
Merchants guild = build
Lawyers guild = billed
Clowns guild = killed
Nac macs = backs
U.U. = true
Wizards staff = bath
Dogs collar = dollar
Mended drum = white rum
Broken drum = dark rum
Molly = Beggar queen = clean
Elsewhere alley = dally
Thatch masters yard = barred
His grace = trace
Diddly Squat = pot
Dolly sisters = blisters
Pearl dock = lock
Trancherloon = moon
Smugglers inn = gin
Barbers cat= fat
Stab in the dark = park
Rosie palm = arm
Snap case = face
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Re: Shadesian rhyming slang

Postby AgProv » Wed May 01, 2013 1:44 pm

Hangnails Hunt - idiot, fool, unworthy person (Think "Berkeley Hunt" in cockney RS, or "berk"). Hence a "Hang"
Fiery Flaming Hoof, or "flamer" - a person who habituates the Blue Cat Club. A "Flamer", perhaps. (On Roundworld, an "Iron hoof", or "Iron") From the Omnian hymn.
Dwarf Bread - undead
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