27 dead in Connecticut school shooting: reports

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Re: 27 dead in Connecticut school shooting: reports

Postby Alanz » Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:47 am

Did you see all the pictures of those American people in the papar posing with their Christmas presents, As bad as the UK is at the moment i think it's alot safer than the US, because they have in my opinion some very sad individuals there at the moment and something drastic needs to be done.I Don't know why but the words "Civil War 2" keeps popping up in my mind 8-) Just read the Headline " Yank Teachers get Shooting lessons" States including Ohio, Utah and Arizona are going ahead to arm Teachers, Oh my god you watch some Teacher will get pissed with some unruly child, flip and Bang!! where will it end?
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Re: 27 dead in Connecticut school shooting: reports

Postby Del » Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:21 pm

Raisindot wrote:But even put this issue, there are things that can do done right now to keep a higher percentage of guns out of the hands of the insane. If I were in charge, I would institute federal rules, applicable to every state in the union, that would require anyone who wanted to purchase a gun would have to:

1) have to apply for a permit at their local police station or a state office specifically devoted to gun-related oversight;
2) be subjected to a background check that includes disclosure of any mental illness--yes, this will have to disclosed;
3) require the applicant to pay a significant amount of money to take a standardized firearms training and safety course; 4) make it the legal responsibility of whoever administers the course to fail the applicant if they perceive that this person's behavior makes them a risk (and allow victims of gun violence to sue the trainer if the person who passes the test ends up killing people within a certain period after obtaining the permit);
5) require that every single gun purchased be registered (serial number) with a local police authority;
6) Require every licensed gun owner to renew their permit every 2 years, and a new background check would be part of this process. Those who failed would have to surrender their guns
5) Require all private gun sales to be registered with local police departments demonstrating that both seller and purchased have the required permits (and make it a crime if this doesn't occur)
6) Require every single gun seller, whether in a store or gun show, not sell a single weapon to anyone who doesn't already have a current gun permit and to register the purchaser's permit information and send it somewhere (a state gun registry?) , and make the sellers liable on a criminal and civil basis if they fail to follow these procedures.

For anyone who thinks these sound draconian, essentially these are the same procedures people need to follow to drive and buy an automobile in the U.S. Why should it be easier for someone to buy and use a weapon whose sole purpose is to kill than to buy and use a vehicle? In any case, they wouldn't infringe on anyone's right to own firearms; they would simply add steps to make sure buying something designed to kill isn't as easy as buying a pack of gum.

You know WHY car registration is such a formidable thing?.... here at least.... so that if your car is involved in a crime, if it injures someone accidently or on purpose, they can track it and hold the person that car is registered to ACCOUNTABLE.

Its what our guns laws do as well. Mind you our gun laws are severe.... you cant keep large amounts or ammunition... you cant keep it WITH the gun, etc.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. A no brainer.

Christ! Teachers carrying guns!
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Re: 27 dead in Connecticut school shooting: reports

Postby Alanz » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:42 pm

it's frightening :shock: :shock:
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Re: 27 dead in Connecticut school shooting: reports

Postby simmonds91 » Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:33 pm

wow, this thread is still going on? As for teachers carrying guns (just had a little look at what yer talking about), I think if anyone should have the gun it should be the headmaster/riss if they want to keep schools safe from lunatics. Not every teacher is decent, some (though it's quite rare I'm sure) bully the kids, one guy even had his kid wired and got proof of the teacher and assistant mentally attacking his kid, now imagine those same people with a gun......
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