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Re: What type of car do you have and.......

Postby AuntyVague » Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:38 am

I've had a series of old bombs over the years...can't ever see myself affording a shiny new car. I agree with Sister J about cars representing freedom when you are young, but I just view them as workhorses now.

I'm not sure if this old Honda Civic is technically my first car or not...by the time I passed my driver's licence it was inoperable :oops:

This daggy old Datsun Stanza could move a lot faster than you might imagine (but normally not with the cat in place)

This Mazda 626 was temporarily my pride and joy. It would have been high tech when it was new (which it certainly wasn't by the time I got it) with lots of electronic gadgets. We called it 'Hal'.

The novelty wore off when I was on my way to my brother's wedding in it. The electric driver's side window broke while it was wound down and then it started raining. Heavily :roll:

Since then I've had Mitsubishi Magnas. Not very exciting but very reliable. I sometimes think I'd like a VW or a Mini...but I don't fancy trying to keep a VW on the road!

But what is really weird is that some of the people I know think I haven't got a car because they see us walking around a fair bit. We live close to town and choose to walk short trips...probably says a fair bit about the car culture here!
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Re: What type of car do you have and.......

Postby AgnesOgg » Wed Nov 07, 2012 7:06 pm

I drive a Opel Corsa, 2011-model, my first brand-spanking-new car, a bit small motor butikk I drive mostly in the city so thats ok. Have had three other cars, all old wrecks, the noe I remember is the Audi (model? No idea :x ) we called it the battleship, big ugly thing but wonderful to drive :D other drivers would flee when they saw me coming :whistle:
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