London in 2013 Discworldcon.

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London in 2013 Discworldcon.

Postby Who's Wee Dug » Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:42 pm

I though I would post this as it was Feegled from the CA's forum. :mrgreen:
I did leave a link there to Paul to post it here but maybe he has not seen it.
London in 2013
by alesbymail » Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:16 pm

In response to a post and comments made elsewhere on this forum and in the steering group for the 2013 NADWCon I have been asked to clarify a few matters. You will note that this reply is being made via my "work" forum account - this is only because an "official" 2013 account has not been activated yet by the person who we have asked to provide support and regular information to this community. The notes below were drafted by some of those who have been approached to assist with input by me.

It's still early in the early days but we've now made the first step on what
we believe will be an amazing Discworld journey that will bring a Discworld event (even it's exact name is still undecided it's so early in the process) - to London in late 2013.

You should know that plans are afoot and as part of those plans a few stalwarts visited the Excel centre today and, to be honest, at least
one arrived with misgivings.

The place is vast. No messing about - VAST, and some of the comments which
pointed in this direction were well-founded. What is perhaps less well known
is that the ICC Halls and Suite can offer us a self-contained, flexible area.

Flexibility which includes catering, exhibition and function space at an expense no
greater - and hopefully less - than we find ourselves paying at other major

The hotel accommodation around the Excel centre is at varied prices
and varied qualities - from Ibis at around £60 per room up to a brand new,
as yet incomplete 250 bedroom hotel which its owners plan will be "top of
the range" and is a short walk from the previously mentioned ICC. There are some 1500 bedrooms on the ICC and Excel Campus, all within walking distance.

For those who don't live in London, this might offer an opportunity to
extend their visit to the Capital (take in a show?). For those living in
London and familiar with the joys of docklands light railway, access to
Excel is quick and efficient.

While we are delighted to take these first steps, we would be foolhardy to
believe we could do the whole event without experienced help. Some of this
help has already been solicited and the responses have been universally
positive. Our aim is to draw together and work with the very best people to produce an event
which will astonish and delight everyone who attends and will bring the
family of Discworld fandom together at the most spectacular Discworld event
ever to be held.

We aim to reach out beyond the core of Discworld Fandom and bring together the
world family of science fiction to acknowledge the genius that is Terry Pratchett.

I'm going to finish by making two requests. The first is to ask for your patience whilst we finalise the gathering of the event organising team. There will be little news for a while, but rest assured, we are still monitoring this excellent fan forum.

My second request is to ask the fantastic people on this forum to keep their ideas, questions, offers of assistance and queries coming on this thread or in DM if you want to. We will read them all and respond in time to them all in time and any involvement from you is most welcome.

Best wishes on behalf of the Events Team for London 2013.
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