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Re: nation

Postby NightOwl » Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:34 am

dazman_the_gasman wrote:Yeah I agree Nation is great!
by far Terrys darkest book though I literally could'nt put it down!

do you think it IS dark?

I would say 'thought-provoking' rather than 'dark' -

I am an optimist who is puzzled by Creation, so I ascribe some mysteries to the Will of God - I don't find knowledge and belief incompatible - and sometimes increased knowledge throws up puzzles that I think are almost beyond our vocabulary to explain/understand.

Like all satirists, TP pokes fun at religion - after all there are many seemingly ridiculous things associated with most religion - BUT many great satiirists do so out of disgust at the mockery that mankind makes of the good will at the heart of many faiths - it seems much more likely that mankind "mishears" than a benevolent creator or great spirit wants us to go round killing people in his/her/its name. pointing out the irony of a faith that forbids marriage and then covers up child molesting or where women are so precious they must be covered up yet regarded as property or one animal is sacred and one almost genetically identical is not - all potential targets for somebody with a sense of the ridiculous.

Jonathan Swift and many others mocked from a position of 'inside knowledge' - no reason why TP should not.

"darkness is in the unelightened soul, not in humour." William of Baskerville*

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