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Postby meerkat » Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:27 am

poohcarrot wrote:The Last Supper (according to Capt "Sensible")

JC: For lo, this 'ere bread is my body. I've cut it up into little bits, so pass it around, will you? :D
Matthew: Here we are JC, two bits left over.
JC: What you on about, Matty? There should only be one bit left. :shock:
Matthew: A miracle! Just like the loaves and the fishes! :shock:
JC: No it wasn't you plonker. Who isn't 'ere then? :twisted:
Matthew: It's Mark.
JC: Well for my sake where is he? Didn't he know I'd hired this restaurant for 7:00? :?
Matthew: I think what it is, oh master, is that he's got his watch set on Greek time, which is 3 hours behind.
JC: What the hell for? We live in bloody Israel. Is he bonkers, or what? :roll: Oh well, crack open the beer and let's have a game of poker til he comes. :roll:
Matthew: But master, it's not fair coz you always win. :(

Oh Pooh, all your stresses and you still come up trumps! I like thinking Jesus spoke like that! It caused a lot of laughter. Thanks!
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