Lego Discworld Models??

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Postby Quark » Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:11 am

Looks excellent! Wish I had the patience/creativity/funding to build stuff like that (morosely pushes Lego Star-Wars Y-wing around desk). The Hogfather Death looks especially good, but do you think he's maybe a bit on the tubby side?
I guess that's something you have to deal with in Lego... hang on, didn't he have a cushion down his robe? Ah well, that balances it out. :P
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Postby captainsmog » Mon Dec 14, 2009 8:22 am

Thanks pals!
My brother asked me too for the cusion down the robe, but the LEGO minifigs are awfully standard on that point:
no Anorexic or obese man or woman... :? And it would have been dificult to make the beard
piece coexist with the fat belly :roll:

Tonyblack wrote:'Mog' is short for 'moggy' which is another name for a cat. :wink:

Oh ok! So it could be both, 'cause like Discworld Death, I love cats! :D

poohcarrot wrote:BTW I always thought that it was "Captain's Mog" and was a rip-off of Star Trek - "Captain's log, stardate 1234"

At first, I thought of captain smog only for the slightly mysterious touch...
I didn't have the Star Trek references. (But this is fun too!)
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