2048 - quite addictive

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2048 - quite addictive

Postby ChristianBecker » Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:02 am

Have you heard of the game 2048?
You can play it in your browser. The goal is to merge tiles with the same numbers to get to the 2048 tile (you can play after you've reached 2048, though). It can be quite addictive.

If you have trouble reaching the tile and always wanted to know what I sound like, check out my first ever youtube video.
If you just want to know how to get to that damn tile, chose one of the shorter versions, which sped up the game so you don't have to sit through ages of me explaining moves and rambling on about the background music. I just didn't know what else to talk about :).
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Re: 2048 - quite addictive

Postby michelanCello » Thu Apr 03, 2014 6:57 pm

It's a HUGE thing over here, we already have different versions for example for our faculty (starting from the least-loved teacher and ending in the dean) and I think I saw a Game of Thrones one around somewhere....
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