Amateur video game about a sentient treasure chest

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Amateur video game about a sentient treasure chest

Postby JamesB » Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:34 am


I've been reading Sir Terry Pratchett for some time now. I have also been lurking a bit on the boards.

I created an amateur Flash game (I think "game" is stretching things a bit). The main character is not based on anything, but is loosely inspired by The Luggage.

You may have seen idle games pop up, they seem to have grown in popularity lately as a genre. This is sort of a parody of those as there are absolutely no controls and the "game" is more of a screensaver than anything.

The game is called "Idle Screensaver RPG I: Cursed Treasure Chest Escapes from the Dungeon of Skeletons."

I'm just an amateur hobbyist game developer, so it's nothing special. I'm really just fooling around with MIT's Scratch to familiarize myself with it as an educational technology. But while I'm doing that, I figure I'll have a little fun, too.

Please believe me when I say this is only very loosely inspired by The Luggage. This game does not feature The Luggage or any of Sir Pratchett's creations, so please do not expect such as you will only be disappointed upon not finding them.

I mainly wanted to share this with people that may enjoy quirkiness.

I would like to make better attempts at games in the future, and would also enjoy doing a few Discworld tribute games. I'll see how far I get.

Feedback appreciated:
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