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Postby Alrik Fassbauer » Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:11 pm

Okay, I premised somewhere else to show a bit what I've been writing ...

I begin with one of what I persobnally recall "one of my strongest stories", but I must rewrite it one day if I want to publish it as an original story, because right now it is a fan-fiction story for the Star Wars universe.

The title of this story is "In Love With A Jedi" and is about the Jedi Council member called ShaakTi

The story is in its oldest published form here : Page 1 (containing the German original of the story) Page 2 (containing the English-language translation of the story and it is from 2003. I have tweaked and polished it during the years since then, and on my harddisk (and in the e-mail folders of a few close friends) it exists in a more polished form nowadays.

During that time, I had several favouruite themes I was writing about, and at that time I was fascinated by the "earth-red" skin colour of the Jedi called Shaak Ti.
Another thing going around in my head was that I was - partly because of that name - researching about the Hinduistic Goddess called Shakti. I had some personal interest in that (look in Wikipedia at the "Kundalini process for more about it).
These were a few themes going around in my head at that time, and zthere was a third one : At that time I had developed my own Star Wars philosophy of what "The Force" consists of : In my eyes, the "Light Side" of The Force of the Star Wars universe is Pure Love, and the "Dark Side" is "Pure Hatred".
This is why - in my philosophy - unconditional love would be a "natural result" of a Jedi being one with "The Force" - with the "Light Side", that is.

My second story from that era was an experiment in many way : 1. I wrote it in English FIRST, and THEN translated it back into my own language - 2. I used a technique I found much later in the official Star Wars Episode III novel. I think I remember rumors of the author lurking around in the litarature forums as well, and I have a feeling as if he had "borrowed" this technique from me - or he had found it for himself independently from me.

This story called "The Light" ... &replies=0 was written for a contest back then, nd I did only very few polish on it during the years since then.

The third story I present here is actually a "module" (as I call it, others would call it a "chapter") of a much longer, unfinished story. It is called "Bib Fortuna's End", and I translated it into the English language during this time as well.

The main character is that of a sister of the dancer at Jabba's, named "Oola", and the sister's name is "Noola Onla".
I write it, because the authors of the "Young Jedi Knights" series were once in Cologne, Germany, on a book signing tour, and I sheepishly (I was enormously shy at that time !) told them about my own fan fiction stories.
And, if you read the last 3 books of the Young Jedi Knights series, you'll encounter a sister of Oola named Nolaa ... I assume he had either found my story or had kept the name and what I had told him there in his memory ... But I'll never be able to prove it ...

One of my first steps into my own fantasy stories is my still most favourite story : "The Adorant".

English translation (by me) : ... ber=103639
German original : ... ber=103940

This story has also been tweaked since I posted it on these forums.

I have explored this - my own - fantasy universe since then, an right now I'm working on a longer story for it.

There have been fragments and both unfinished and finished stories of any kind now, but only few of them are translated and even fewer published in any internet forum.

The last piece I'm presenting here is the result of another contest.
It was the result of a contest among Enya fans to write a story about a title of one of her songe we had to chose from.
It is story 2 here : ... 385&page=1

This is the result of a thing I often do nowadays (and I'm growing even more into it) : The blurring of the borders between fantasy and reality ...

If you have questions, ask me here or via PM. ;)
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Postby Alrik Fassbauer » Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:26 am

Vignette: What Witches Are

The two witches were walking.
Through a wood.
The elder witch had insisted on walking.
What kind of sense would flying have if one couln't touch the ground during that all of the time ?
Touching the ground with your feet was essential, the older witch insisted.
Because they needed grounding right now. For the "forces of the earth", as she called it, for the "energy they'd soon need", as she called it.

The younger witch was bored by this endless walking. She only saw trees, trees, trees.
She didn't see the moth, she didn't hear the howling of the wolf, she din't notice the faraway firefly floating by in the distance.
She didn't notice the herbs growing on the ege of the road -where the road met the wood.
he didn't notice the mushrooms which would be a good meal until the elder witch pointed out to them and told her about "these mushrooms - a good meal !"

But most bored was she, because she didn't see any direction.

Yes, of course, the road wound up at least to something.
She knew that they had to go somewhere during this late-afternoon to star-black night (or rather, wood-vblack, since they were surrounded by endless woods) journey.
All she could right now see was the road. Nothing more.
Not even the fireflies.

At one point they made a small pause. Mostly, to help the younger witch to recuperate, since she wasn't used to that much, that long walking. On a not-so clean wood road, which was tainted by pebbles, small pices of branches, tiny roks, and the usual worms, beetles, and slugs, of course. Not to mention their digestion remains.
And birds hunting them.

And then they went on again. After sighing and and talking.

Shortly after the walk had commenced again, her impatience became too much to bear :

"How do we know where we are walking to ? Don't we need at least some kind of ... direction advice ? A compass, maybe ?"

The only reaction she received was a nod from the older witch.

But that just ingnited more impacience in her :

She went close to the older witch and began dragging on her outer cloak, because she really wanted to have an answer :

"Do you really know where we are going through ? I can see nothing but wood around us.
Why don't we just stop and ask the Shambles for advice ?" she demanded.

The elderly witch suddenly stopped.

Stopped so hard the younger witch almost bumped into her.

She looked at the younger with with old, wise eyes.

"We don't need the Shambles", she insisted, "because we are all Shambles on the inside. We are Shambles ourselves.

Blood as fluids, bones as rock, tissue as our living - don't you think we are all Shambles on the inside ?".

Then they went on.

And inside of the younger witch there grew an idea ...

(C) by me, based on the Discworld Witches, and created this morning based on an idea I had in my mind for several days now.
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