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Postby eskarina54 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:04 pm

Thanks guys! I'm glad you enjoyed it, we had a blast doing it! I'm sure I'll get the blog all updated with performance pics and stuff when things have calmed down and I've caught up on sleep! I'm not sure how my crew would feel about the 'minimal amount of props' comment though; there were so many to organise! But as for scenery; that's the exact reason I did 'Monstrous' and I'm glad it worked out as I planned.
I'd love to do more, I miss it already, but doubt I'll ever get the opportunity again. I was funded by the university drama society and they provided actors too. It's a bit more difficult without those 2 things!
Tony; I'm glad you mentioned my Polly and Tonker- almost all comments have been about Igor and Maladict so its nice for them to get the praise they deserve too! And Chris - Em was chuffed she got mentioned after only being in 2 scenes briefly; she won the 'buxom wench' award afterwards. As for Vimes, its impossible to find a Sam Vimes in a society of uni students who, on average, are 19 years old! So I cast the biggest Discworld fan I know, after my Polly. I bought him a 'Blackboard Monitor' badge which I don't think he's ever taking off!

And yes: those seats are a nightmare! I sat on them for 5 performances, 2 dress runs and a tech run! My back is in pieces!

Overall, we didn't get as many people as we needed, but it pleased the fans and that was what was most important to me.

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