The Witches of Oz

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Postby Quatermass » Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:44 am

BatrickPatrick wrote:Yeah, but that doesn't mean I can't say anything about it's quality. ;)

I preferred Son of a Witch, though it was hella depressing. I found Liir more interesting that Brrr(r? :lol: ) and given the ending of Son of a Witch I was hoping for more info on Elphaba's progeny, rather than starting on a new character.

A fair point. But I found those characters equally interesting (not as interesting as Elphaba herself, though). It was the plotlines that felt different to me, and I found Brrr's misadventures surprisingly more intriguing and entertaining than Liir's adventures. And maybe it was because Son of a Witch was so depressing that I revolted against it a little, though that isn't always the case for me. A Lion Among Men at least reveals something interesting about Yackle.

But I thought you had misconstrued my own post as a comment on the quality rather than the fact that I felt there was nowhere else the story could go. That's all. :)
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