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Postby bikkit » Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:36 am

(I have the omnibus- great for a door stop and, this morning, an emergancy hammer also for standing on to reach high shelves)

1st thime I read the last battle- got bored and didn't finish it
2nd time- got bored again (I was 8. And had already read his dark materials. Compared to that, this was BORING)
3rd- realised it was all about religeon and gave up (aged 9)
4th- Realised that it openly said that all the athiests die and don't go to heaven and you are meant to be happy about this and condemmed the book to doorstopper status.

I'm going to need a swat team, ready to mobilize, street maps covering the whole of florida, a pot of coffee, 12 jammy dodgers and A FEZ.
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