Five Reasons Why Orson Scott Card is (Not) Losing Fans

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Re: Five Reasons Why Orson Scott Card is (Not) Losing Fans

Postby Ragdoll » Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:42 pm

Beyond Birthday wrote:The Ender's Game movie is set to release sometime in 2012

W00t?? Awsome, I love that book, hope they make a good adaptation! Seems year 12 and maybe 13 are going to be good movie years, since Hyperion is said to come as movie too (in 2013 I think, last I looked) :)

Beyond Birthday wrote:By now most people are aware that the author of the book the movie's based on is incredibly homophobic

Hm.... not really.
I haven't read him in several years, the book series (aka the 'true' series)after Ender's Game simply killed me. I don't remember the actual content, but around book 3 or so just had an insane amount of (what I remember being) very moralising chitter chatter, and more of the same bleh on almost every page, stalling the entire story progression - at least that's how I perceived it. So if there was anything homophobic in it ... I probably never noticed, as I was sleeping or had simply given up on the series. Tried another of his stories (title had something about a flute I think.....), never hit home either. But Ender's Game I loved and still love (but my copy is lost). I've never seen the book as a homophobic's work, as that topic never sprung out from the pages when I read it :o Would that make me throw away my copy (if I knew where it actually was)? No - it is still a good story in my mind that does not lash out to any specific group, colour or sexual. Moralizing books on the other hand.... ah, I never finish them, are more likely to use them as door stoppers or give away as hate presents, when I come across those =)

I have never understood, why gay men are considered with the reaction "ARGHgetawayyou!" while lesbians are not :o Oh well, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transexuals and those are equal humans too in my point of view. :)
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