Girl Genius and other webcomics...

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Girl Genius and other webcomics...

Postby Quatermass » Thu May 05, 2011 11:58 pm

Failing to find an appropriate section to post this in, I decided to post this in the non-Discworld books section, and hope.

Sooo...webcomics. Who here reads them?

I do. They often tend to be a source of humour and interest that I badly need. So, without further ado, here they are, in rough order of discovery:

8-Bit Theater (by Brian Clevinger): 8-Bit Theater is what happens when you take the ridiculous aspects of the Final Fantasy series, put it into the setting of the first game, and actually give the first game some plot beyond saving the world. Finished.

A group of four dysfunctional warriors team up to embark on a quest to save the world. Problem is, they are so dysfunctional and selfish that they might end up destroying it instead. Psychopathic Black Mage, extreme kleptomaniac and arrogant Thief, delusional Red Mage, and the stupid but good natured Fighter set off on adventures that are both horrifying and hilarious.

How I Killed Your Master (by Brian Clevinger and John Wood, with art by Matt Speroni): After 8-Bit Theater finished, Brian Clevinger worked on this little gem, which is basically a martial arts story told as a webcomic. Nicely done, but may not be for everyone, though it has plenty of humour as well as drama. Ongoing, but on hiatus, at the moment.

Martial artist Chang Sen has been searching all over for the man who killed his master. Finding Liu Wong, an old man, Sen is asked to listen to Wong's life story, in order to learn how to surpass his master. We learn the story of how Wong's father was murdered, how he was sent to be the servant of Master Fei, and how Wong started on the path to avenge his father's murder...

Ow My Sanity (by Adam J Thaxton): An unusual one, as I usually don't go in for horror, but this is actually quite interesting, even if the artwork is a little crude. TV Tropes' description of it being the bastard offspring between Ah My Goddess! and the works of HP Lovecraft is pretty much spot on. Or if that doesn't work, how about I Dream of Jeannie, where Jeannie is a cosmic horror instead of a ditzy genie? Ongoing, but on hiatus, at the moment.

David Bartlett has not had a good life at all. Born with a sensitivity to cosmic horrors, and with bad luck plagueing his every step, things culminate when his college dorm-mates and associates performing a ritual to summon a cosmic horror. When things start to go wrong, Bartlett is prepared to die, wishing only that someone would give a damn about him for once. The cosmic horror grants his wish, changing itself into the form of a young Arabic woman that he calls Nancy. With everyone else in the dorm dead, and with a cosmic horror following him around until she understands what he actually meant by his wish, Bartlett is in trouble, especially when the nearest Delta Green cell start sniffing around, and thinks that he is a crazed maniac...

The Last Days of FOXHOUND (by Chris Doucette): Like 8-Bit Theater, The Last Days of FOXHOUND serve to parody a video game, only this time, it is Metal Gear Solid that gets lampooned. Despite the crudish artwork, it is extremely funny, although the sheer amount of profanity would make a sailor blush. Even those who haven't played the games might enjoy it. Finished.

A mysterious, and rather stupid, young man called Liquid Snake joins the special ops organisation known as FOXHOUND, filled with some of the most dysfunctional operatives in the US. We have Psycho Mantis, an extreme misogynist and psychopathic psychic, Revolver Ocelot, sadistic sharpshooter and chronic backstabber, Vulcan Raven, a big Inuit with a big gun, and Sniper Wolf, beautiful sniper with a hair trigger. Between strange missions and stranger goings-on, ghosts, an ancient political conspiracy, and new Metal Gear weapons, they have their work cut out for them, and that's if they can even get along...

The Dreadful (by Matt Speroni): Another webcomic on the site that hosts 8-Bit Theater, this is a new one that looks promising. It's not been on long enough to provide a real synopsis yet, but it follows the story of a bounty hunter in the Old West, except that said bounty hunter is a cut demon girl, and this Old West also has centaurs, elves, and dwarves. Ongoing.

Girl Genius (by Phil and Kaja Foglio): A very long-running webcomic (the story, which started in print before heading online, has been done for the past decade), this is a very good one, if somewhat strange, that can be best summed up by the tagline "Mad scientists rule the world. Badly." Very Pratchettian in nature, especially with the character of Baron Klaus Wolfenbach, who is basically a much more militaristic Lord Vetinari. It will take you a long time to make it through the archives, believe me, but it is worth it. Lots of drama, humour, a bit of horror, and mad science.

Agatha Clay is a university student working at Beetleburg University, and somewhat clumsy, especially when it comes to machines. But when her locket is stolen by a pair of thieves, one that she was told never to take off, things change. For Agatha has the Spark, a form of gift that allows those who possess it to create anything, from death rays to artificial beings. But Sparks are feared by the populace, especially when they become megalomaniacs like the infamous Other, or tyrants, like Baron Klaus Wulfenbach. Her awakening of the spark takes Agatha from a gigantic airship, to a travelling circus, back to her ancestral home of Castle Heterodyne. For Agatha Clay is really Agatha Heterodyne, the last known survivor of a powerful Spark family, but is that a good thing?

So...yeah. Any comments?
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Postby mystmoon » Fri May 06, 2011 12:32 am

I read Freakangels, Left-handed toons, Draw Until It's Funny, Kawaiinot, Scandanavia and the World and Order of the Stick.
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Postby dennykay » Fri May 06, 2011 8:42 am

Order of the stick, i read that, too, although i don't enjoy that as much as when it was still more gag-driven. but it's still good.

i also read VideoGameCats ( ) , althoug it's updated once in a blue moon,

awkward zombie, ( ) ditto on the updates, but more frequent.

and questionable content,, which has improved most dramatically, graphics-wise, and it's still one of the best comics i know of.

oh, and, but that's NSFW so often that they actually mark their comics SFW when it's not naughty. but it's funny.
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Postby Quatermass » Fri May 06, 2011 9:32 am

Hmm. The comics I listed, well, Girl Genius has violence and women in underwear (usually Victorian style), so I'd guess I'd rate it a M15+/12/PG-13, depending on whatever country you're in. It may not be safe for work, but it's certainly safe for the family computer.

The Last Days of FOXHOUND may not be SFW due to violence and swearing, but the violence is extremely cartoony. The Dreadful and How I Killed Your Master, while filled with kung fu or western violence, depending, is probably safe for work in the end.

8-Bit Theater...I guess it's safe for work, as it's mostly a sprite comic. I've seen more violent VG Cats strips (and I have seen enough to think, oh dear God, that is so wrong).

Ow My Sanity is definitely NSFW, though this is due more to horror themes than anything else. Most of the gore is actually in the first two chapters, and the rest of what would make it NSFW is the grotesque cosmic horrors. But it's otherwise a good comic.
Have you seen the size of human brains? They're hilarious!

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Postby ShadowNinjaCat » Fri May 06, 2011 5:31 pm

I read a lot of them these are just some*
I hope one of you like at least one of these :D
The art gets better as the story progress for some of the comics so if you like the story stick with it :D

Romantically Apocalyptic (It's not a romance comic)
The Adventures of Doctor McNinja (I didn't really like the first ark so I recommend reading the second and if you like it ,read the first after)(I've linked the second ark)
Trying Human
Slightly Damned
The Meek
Gunnerkrigg Court
Dead Winter

*Yes there's more :shock:
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Re: Girl Genius and other webcomics...

Postby Quatermass » Wed May 30, 2012 1:07 pm


I've tried Trying Human, but I'm bumping this because I discovered a new webcomic. It's called Second Empire.

Second Empire will appeal to Doctor Who fans, and may be most appealing to fans who enjoyed the TV Century 21 Dalek comics of the Sixties. It's about the adventures of a Black Dalek called General Xenol who is reprimanded for not obeying orders, even though his (albeit failed) attack was on a race that was even more of a threat to the Daleks than his original targets. Learning that the Emperor not only prizes obedience above innovative thinking in Daleks, and that new Daleks are no longer given names, just alphanumeric codes, Xenol rebels, with the encouragement of gifted but mildly insane scientist Dalek Yttral. Xenol, after a failed attempt to topple the Emperor, sets himself up as Emperor of a Second Dalek Empire on a distant military outpost.

Now, keep in mind that both sides are xenophobic genocides. Even so, we have sympathetic protagonists. In Daleks. Think about that. :shock: :o

There's also some good comedy too, believe it or not.

The comic is here. Surprisingly safe for work. I'd rate it a PG, maybe (and just maybe) M15/12/PG-13 on violence (but little gore).
Have you seen the size of human brains? They're hilarious!

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Re: Girl Genius and other webcomics...

Postby raptornx01 » Wed May 30, 2012 8:20 pm

Ah My Goddess is right :lol: at least on the surface.

There was one from YEARS ago, but i can't remember the name. it was based on the cartoon network shows of the time. Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's lab, Megas XLR etc. it was this big mash up, but had it own style. wish i could remember it. it pretty popular at the time.

i've read the various web comics Valve has put out about their games. Left 4 Dead, Portal, etc.

Another, but its more of a flash comic, is Broken Saints.

A group of people from different parts of the world all get this vision at the same time of a coming disaster and go searching for anwsers. Moody, dark, creepy. But its not as depressing as it first appears. and theres a logic behind everything, so its not just a bunch of weird imagery for its own sake. Its one of those if you stick with it, you'll be duly rewarded.

they actually did a revamped version of it and added voice acting for a dvd release.

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Re: Girl Genius and other webcomics...

Postby Tonyblack » Wed May 30, 2012 11:48 pm

I used to follow Fuzzy Knights. The creator of the strip was a Pratchett fan and a member of the old Harper Collins Board. The characters were a bunch of teddy bears who played role playing games.

I've never played RPGs or been interested in doing so, but I used to love the strips, which could be laugh-out-loud funny sometimes. :lol:
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Re: Girl Genius and other webcomics...

Postby BatrickPatrick » Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:14 am

I used to read Questionable Content, but I got bored of it, it moved too slowly.

Now I only read less serialised kinds, like Penny Arcade ( and Hijinks Ensue (

I also love Hark! A Vagrant ( for historical/Canadian humour :P
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Re: Girl Genius and other webcomics...

Postby =Tamar » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:03 am

I read Girl Genius, Questionable Content, Slightly Damned, and a few others. Lovelace and Babbage was good but slow and now it's stopped completely while the author works on getting it into print. * Tales of the Questor is fun, too.

*ETA: Lovelace and Babbage (2-D Goggles) just posted a new mini-comic! Yay!
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Re: Girl Genius and other webcomics...

Postby Quatermass » Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:35 am


ShadowNinjaCat may be pleased to know that I have read much of Gunnerkrigg Court, albeit through the four hardcopy volumes published thus far. And I've enjoyed it immensely.

For those of you not in the know, Gunnerkrigg Court is the story of a stoic girl called Antimony 'Annie' Carver, who is sent to attend Gunnerkrigg Court, a mysterious boarding school that borders Gillitie Forest. It's a place where magic and science collide (think of it as the bastard mutant offspring of Hogwarts, Unseen University, and the Time Lord Academy of Gallifrey), and where the weird and wonderful are an everyday occurrence. While the books claim that kids can read it, it's pretty much good for young teens to adults, and very enjoyable. But while it can be given to kids, it's also pretty dark, and I'd give it a PG rating at the very least from what I've seen so far.
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Re: Girl Genius and other webcomics...

Postby Ghost » Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:44 am

I follow a lot of webcomic's
some of which are gag a day most have on going stories
Awkward zombies
loading artist
happle tea
amazing super powers
I am arg
Two guy's and guy
Manly men doing manly things
Nerf This
girls with slingshots
Pea green coffee cup
Sandra and Woo
Alien hand syndrome
O Human Star
The superfogeys
Grrl Power
The hero business
Girl genius
Spare keys to strange doors
Root Rot
Ada Lee comes on!
Demon Hunter Kain
Lilith Dark
Walking on Broken Glass
Monster soup
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Re: Girl Genius and other webcomics...

Postby simmonds91 » Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:41 pm

I follow,, I read (though it's not really a webcomic as such... the website is like one big archive) and i have recently been reading romantically apocalyptic and find it very funny, the art is also amazing.
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