Equal Rites Discussion *Spoilers*

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Re: Equal Rites Discussion *Spoilers*

Postby RolandItwasntmyfault » Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:13 am

Hm, supposed there is a seventh son around who just isn't mentioned?
Or there has been a seventh son who died a short time after Esk has been born?
(If I remember right at her birth day it is mentioned that there are seven sons and Esk is the 8th child).
Not mentioned, too? :think: :think:

Okay, being fan I am able to interpret it in every way that it will fit. :lol: ;)
And yes, these presumbly are some plotholes I until now haven't noticed.

But I have to confess although I like this book I seldom reread it, even if I reread the witch series I usually leave it out and begin with Wyrd Sisters.
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Re: Equal Rites Discussion *Spoilers*

Postby =Tamar » Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:22 am

Copyediting flaws and all, Equal Rites is still a fun book. I find that it helps to think of Granny as the protagonist, not Esk. It opens with Granny, she gets forced into taking care of the problems that happen because of the wizard, and when it's all over, it closes with Granny. It's the first, but not the only, time that the obvious protagonist turns out not to be the real main character.
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Re: Equal Rites Discussion *Spoilers*

Postby Who's Wee Dug » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:39 pm

And Granny is a bit different in that one, if memory serves me right that was her first apperance, but it has been a long time since I've read it.
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