Vote: Who's the better "Character" audio reader?

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Vote: Who's the better "Character" audio reader?

Postby raisindot » Thu Jul 31, 2014 3:10 pm

Okay, we've had the general "Who's the better audiobook reader" debate, but in some cases one reader will do a better job on certain characters than others. So, here's an informal poll: Who do you think does a better job "read-acting" each character? The criteria for character inclusion here should be those characters who have been voiced by at least two different readers. In the early books, it's mostly Robison and Planer with Celia whatsohename here and there. In the middle books, Robinson, Planer and Briggs can be compared. Starting with The Fifth Elephant (I believe), Briggs became the only reader (unless Robinson still did shorter versions), so new characters (moist, Lobsang, etc.) can't be compared. Anyone, below is a starter list with the my favorites, plus others listed where I haven't heard the books. Feel free to add your own.


Vetinari: Briggs by a hair
Vimes: Dead heat: Planer/Briggs
Carrot: Briggs
Colon: Briggs
Angua: Briggs
Nobby: Planer
Cheery: Briggs
Detritus: Briggs
Dorfl: Briggs
Granny Weatherwax: Planer
Nanny Ogg: Planer
Sybil: Briggs
Willikens: Briggs
Drumknott: Briggs
Ridcully: Briggs
Death: Briggs
Susan: Briggs
Gaspode: Briggs
Mr. Slant: Briggs
Dibbler: [no decision; haven't heard Planer's rendition]
Visit: Briggs
Nac Mag Feegle in general: Briggs
Buggy Squires: Briggs
Leonard of Quirm: Planer
Lu Tze: Briggs
Crystophase: Briggs
The Librarian
Sean Ogg
Agnes Nitt
Jason Ogg
The Bursar
The Dean
Qouth the Raven
The Canting Crew
Lord Downey
Lord Rust
Lord Selachi
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