Who was the 1st discworld character who's death touched you?

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Re: Who was the 1st discworld character who's death touched

Postby RolandItwasntmyfault » Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:40 am

Yes, I can agree, Mixa, I know this feelings myself.
But I think it isn't only the joke, or actually every time a joke involved. Even if there is no joke it is rather consoling to see a character you liked, who you have learned to love (Cuddy for example, again), who just have passed away nevertheless still has somewhere to go on, albeit perhaps not in this world.

(Spoiler ahead referring to Reaper Man and The Truth.)
Spoiler: show
So in Reaper Man I wasn't exactly "sad" about Ms Flickworth' death - I was smiling as she get reunited with her groom.
And even in The Truth I did the same about the second life a now-wood-worm got (and also had to laugh about the joke).

Therefore while reading Pratchett I normally don't get a feeling to cry, although concerning Cuddy, yes, it has been very close.
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Re: Who was the 1st discworld character who's death touched

Postby Mixa » Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:34 pm

I agree with you too, Roland, and overall I think is the way he always transmits death as a completely natural thing. He wants to make people reflect about this “taboo” aspect, about letting go, about accepting it, because just learning to respect death we are able to appreciate life.

I take my hat off to how he raises the issue.

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