I Finally Get Nation... We Are The Grandmothers!!

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Postby Dandelion » Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:56 am

Exp. Date, the rat wrote: I know the mess the world is in because of Grandfathers!

That's quite a true statement!

Concerning TP's "anti-God/religion statements".. Being an atheist myself, I do not see too much "anti God" in any of TP's books. Especially not those playing on Discworld, where lots of them guys and gals are running around happily..

Yes, he does show a certain disdain for organised religion. And I can not blame him for that, as too many examples in history have shown where organised religion can lead to..

TP isn't "anti God" - not even in "Nation" - he just seems to support the thesis, that not God(s) made Mankind, but vice versa. It's no problem, when You talk to god(s) about Your troubles, the problem starts when You think he/they answer/s.. or care..

And, to reflect some more, in Nation and the DW novels there are "supreme beings", building worlds, destroying universes (.. well, nearly, if the auditors had been successful..) and with that showing tendencies of godlike behaviour. Not very "anti God" in my not so humble opinion.
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