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Re: Snuff *Warning Spoilers*

Postby Peacemoon » Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:16 pm

raisindot wrote:Peacemoon, I agree with you thoroughly. I didn't like it the first reading and now that I'm "listening" to the audiobooks version, the flaws you mention stand out even more when you hear Stephen Briggs' voicing Vimes' endless moralizing and advice. What Pterry was once able to convey in a sentence now takes paragraphs. His ability to drop narrative hints that required the reader to infer the answer has been replaced with direct and clumsy explanations. A perfect example of all of these flaws occurs in the scene when Colon has found the little ungue pot in his cigar and tells Cheery that he's entitled to keep it. In an earlier book, an economical one-liner would have registered Cheery's disgust. Here, she's goes off on a completely uncharacteristic speech detailing the entire history's of Colon's xenophobic nature and ends with an explicit insult.

I think the stark contrast between Snuff and older novels can be seen by comparing Cheery's disgusted speech with the conversation between Nobby and Colon in Jingo about nationalism. One displays a mastery of satire, the other is merely average.
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Re: Snuff *Warning Spoilers*

Postby Mixa » Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:33 pm

I have no words. The first time I read ‘Snuff’ though it was a shame there weren’t going to be more Watch novels, but after rereading it I completely understand why is the last book of the series. And I have no words to describe how much I’ve relished seeing each loose end tied up. Vimes and his Watch can’t go any further! They’re now unstoppable! :D

RolandItwasntmyfault wrote:Usually (also as matter of respect to the forum community and to the discussion), I first read all of the previous discussion. But, 40 pages, hu, this will tak a time.
So at the moment some ((re)fresh(ed)) impressions.
Apologies if some of these already has been mentioned.[/quotel]

Excuse me as well. :roll:

RolandItwasntmyfault wrote:Although not too bad this book in my opinion still is some way away from a podium place.

Possibly it’s not my favourite but for me deserves a podium. Its criticisms to slavery, nobles shenanigans, human rights, human psychology, law operation… Are magnificent!

And characters… OMG! They’ve hit the ceiling, gone through it and touched the sky! I’m thrilled to bits just to think where they’ve arrived…

-Captain Carrot and Captain Angua relationship.

-Sergeant Cheery independence.

-Sergeant Detritus and his adopted son.

-Nobby and his new goblins family.

-Vime’s abilities, charge and happiness (learning to relax and enjoy what he has).

-Young Sam opened future (it’s true we don’t know if he’ll change his mind, but at least Pratchett hints he’ll be a special kid, eager to learn, without prejudices, spontaneous and honest that will achieve everything he wishes through hard work).

-Even Verity Pushpram has a happy ending! :lol:

I couldn’t have wished a better ending! :D

RolandItwasntmyfault wrote:So, some of the "dullness" in the first half of the book presumbly is owed to this my ignorance of Jane Austen.

I’m not a Jane Austen expert either, but I got the wink to her with the young character called Jane who wants to write and in the end publishes “Pride and extreme Prejudice”… If there were more winks I didn’t get them… Well, that’s the great things about Pterry’s novels: they are like jawbreakers candies… Every time you savour them you find different flavours!

Spoiler: show
By the way, if you want to learn a bit about the plot of Jane Austen’s classic and laugh at the same time I recommend to you… Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. :mrgreen:


RolandItwasntmyfault wrote:
=Tamar wrote:
RolandItwasntmyfault wrote:(And there are really books about animal poo? Until now I only know this little nice books für nice little childrens with footprints, fur, feather's in it and so on. :lol: )

There are also nice little books about children's poo. One is called Everyone Poops.

Oh, yeah, you live and learn. :lol:

Hey! One of the books I grew up with was ‘The Story of the Little Mole Who knew it was None of his Business’… Young Sam would’ve enjoyed it! :lol:


But going back to ‘Snuff’… In general, marvellous! Three cheers for Pratchett! :dance:

Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!


P.s. I want a butler like Willikins… Don’t you? :mrgreen:
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