The FridgeBrilliance on the turtle's back...

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The FridgeBrilliance on the turtle's back...

Postby LilMaibe » Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:46 pm

(Can I get a prize for one of the silliest titles?)
Anyway let me hereby open a thread for all thos cases of FridgeBrilliance (no, I will not link you to TvTropes here, we lost enough members mytseriously the past weeks) in them novels.

I shall start thus:

The life and times of Ponder Stibbons

During noting down all the information of the various characters (told you once I am working on a little guide of stuff the compendium sadly tends to leave out) I came to the conclusion that, knowingly or unknowingly Mr Pratchett gave Ponder a working biography. (Some other characters too, but curiously to less extend)
Reading the books he's in it at first seems as if the tidbits of his past are there to just explain something in the scene and that they get contradicted in the other books.
But no.
If you look at all the books (granted, not counting MM and UA) the following picture easily forms:

He was born to a wealthy family and is an only child. His father might have been a merchant or diplomat who was constantly away during Ponder's childhood and (maybe) died before Ponder could get (concious) memories of him. (As said, we're not counting UA).
His mother then, likely, decided it was better for a child like him to grow up in the country side (get some fresh air etc) and sent him off to his aunt and uncle.
Ponder likely got to hate the countrylife at that early age, as now he had to face bullying and decided that leading a lazy life supported by the wealth of his family is the much better choice.
Years past and he went to attend the UU.
As he before the events of L&L never had to care about how things worked (after all, he had money. Things just work if you do) his curious/scientific nature broke out only when he was slapped in the face by the bigger questions of life.
The rest is history

There, I wrote my thoughts down :o
I feel exhausted now.

Your bits of briliance you found?

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