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Re: Explaining your avatar and/or signature.

Postby Quatermass » Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:46 am

My new avatar is part of the artwork from the inside of the booklet for Doctor Who: Dark Eyes 2: Eyes of the Master. It shows both the Eighth Doctor and the Master, and was taken from a scan done for another forum.

The quote is from the trailer for Dark Eyes 2, and has the Master mocking the Doctor for his attitude to the Daleks. The Doctor, partway through, interrupts, insisting "It wasn't planned, none of it was planned!"
"What have you been doing since you stole that antique TARDIS of yours, since you first landed on Skaro? Shouting 'Look at me!!! I'm not fighting a war!', while you battle the Daleks all the way through space and time."

-the Master
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Re: Explaining your avatar and/or signature.

Postby RolandItwasntmyfault » Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:26 am

My avatar was drawn by myself. Concerning avatars or character pictures for roleplay gaming I am somewhat peculiar and so mostly I directly grab the pen myself. Usually I am rather reluctant to explain my pictures or the often insertet and intended jokes. Except if at the whole it is a little bit too tiny to detect the details (like in this tiny avatar box here at the left). Therefore I have uploaded my avatar at photobucket so you can watch it on a larger scale.
The painting resembles a picture I got while reading Wintersmith, concerning a big wee laddie, a heavy sword and... well, you see. :mrgreen:


My signature contains two of my very very favourite quotations from DW books (which itself indeed are two of my favourite books).

The first is Dibbler's catchphrase from Moving pictures, one of my very first DW novels I read (the second I think). The thousand elephants have stuck in my brain. Every time somebody is speaking very exaggerated, very enthusiastically, hyperbowling then the thought jumps in my head or even I would call it out loud in addition: "And a thousand elephants!"

The second phrase is Ridcully's diagnosis from Hogfather, concerning the bursar and a well-known thinking engine. It is one of the very rare sentences which I think is in the german translation a little bit more cynical and funny, albeit lesser accurate in translation. Here is says "Menschliche Dummheit schlägt künstliche Intelligenz jederzeit.", meaning "Human Stupidity" (instead of "Real stupidity"... hm... okay, this may be the same :lol: ;)). I like this phrase in both versions, always reminding me of the saying "99 % of all computer problems are sitting between chair and keyboard". :D
"A thousand elephants!" (Moving Pictures)
"Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time." (Hogfather)
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Re: Explaining your avatar and/or signature.

Postby janet » Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:12 am

It's the honorary doctorate awarded to the Klatchian prince by Unseen University in Jingo. Doctor of Sweet Fanny Adams :lol:
Doctorum Adamus cum Flabello Dulci
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