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Re: Summer Time

Postby Square12 » Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:47 pm

The only times I've "needed" a 24hr supermarket were when at uni and I had depression and therefore sleeping just happened when it happened as did waking up, and sometimes needed an excuse to get out the house at 3/4am. The other was when I was living somewhere up north and needed to renew my passport but had left it so late that I had to do the same day one, so was going to Liverpool on day off, BUT me and housemate went to our local for ONE drink before getting an early night and getting an early bus to the nearest train station that went to Liverpool. It started snowing heavily while we were in the bar, so naturally we thought it would be better to stay in the bar, and then it continued so we ended up staying for a lock in eventually it stopped but we ended up walking 3 miles in fresh snow completely hammered then wandering round a 24hr Asda for so long that security started following our every footstep!
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Re: Summer Time

Postby raptornx01 » Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:01 am

Jo of the Gates wrote:That makes sense, but whenever I shop - never in the middle of the night! - there is restocking going on all around me, whatever the time. I think the stockers are unwilling to work at night so management lets them restock during the day. This is another trend I see (in the US - is it the same elsewhere?) that is troubling. Workers demand more than they ought to be entitled to, such as naming the hours they are willing to work. As a result, the hours most people shop - weekends, for example - are the hours the store seems most poorly staffed. At a time when so many are unemployed, I would think management could say "These are the hours to be worked by the person we hire." And the job seeker ought to be happy to find a job, not resent the hours they are expected to work. The economy seems to be suffering everywhere. At some point the general populace must renounce their sense of entitlement. I get the impression many Americans are spoiled!

Stocking goes on during the day because they want to keep things from running out (can't buy it if its in the back) but also to clear out overstock/backstock. what you see them putting out isn't new freight, it is the left overs from the night before or within the past few days. the trucks come later and are stocked by overnight people (for dry grocery and non-consumables).

the idea of stockers CHOOSING when to work is quite laughable.

the job seeker ought to be happy to find a job

such is the motto of many a tyrant in management who sees his employees as his own personal servants. and uses said motto as an excuse to get away with treating his employees like slaves.

At some point the general populace must renounce their sense of entitlement.

This I would agree with. The level of entitlement shown by management and especially by the customers themselves is quite disheartening.
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