Who gets embarrassed?Ladies only please

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Who gets embarrassed?Ladies only please

Postby amythompson » Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:45 pm

I most certainly do-i have very large Boobs,when i go out to dinner,sitting at the table is very embarrassing,ive lost count of the bits of food that ahave dissapeared down my cleavage,never to be seen until Bath night.
They also protrude over the plate.
Ive tried one of those compression type bras,but as you can imagine,very uncomfy.
I get embarrassed in my swimming outfit as well.
NOW,i know im going to get a lot of sarcastic and funny answers-i know that,but im thick skinned and can take a laugh.
So,come on ladies,tell us your most embarrassing moments,and laugh at me as well,Amy :lol:
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