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Re: Pip Juniors (Harry) Christening

Postby Del » Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:29 pm

Tiffany wrote:
pip wrote:
Tiffany wrote:Personally I never had either of my kids christened, but then I'm an atheist & got married in a registry office & not in church, we prefered the money for a down payment on our house, but I digress.
If you both want that it's your choice. Good luck with the christening of baby Harry.

We made the smae choice with keeping the money that would go on a big wedding and using it as a down payment for the house. Smart choice . :D

It sure was & my Dad gave us the choice, so we opted for the money. :lol: :lol:

Same choice???????????????? WHEN DID YOU GET MARRIED PIP??????? :o

*seachs through her mail for the lost invite*

Pip... do whatever YOU feel is fine. It looks like a nice church btw. Very Pretty. (Just a thought... wouldnt it be a nice place for a wedding???? ;) :lol: )

I do stand up for some major things in life that need standing on a soapbox for.... but then there are some thing sin life (EDIT WITHOUT AN EDIT! :lol: :lol: :lol: should have read "some things in life" freudian slip) that dont need the big gestures.

Raised by a strict atheist and a devout Irish catholic... so got both sides of the argument (more a discussion when it came to religion as the BEST part of my parents union was tolerance)

I am not religious, though I was christened and the whole deal. Look if Harry decides later in life NOT to be religious then he isnt going to believe he has been scarred for life by holy water. If he IS religious then the deed is done.

My lovely husband and I planned a very fast wedding (no I wasnt preggers just couldnt see any sense in waiting a day further than we had to to seal the deal) ... and this from someone who spent all her life thinking the whole "getting married" was just a piece of paper. :roll: A frugal but very personal wedding in his uncles private rainforest and three days before the day the uncle and aunt casually mentioned that the retired local priest was coming out of retirement to marry us in the local church!!!!!! :o :o :o Before we could react or open our mouths the parents were ohhing and ahhing how lovely and we realised that getting married was OUR main aim.... but it would really mean something special to THEM that we were getting married in a church. So we got married in a church. No big deal to us. Big deal to them. :D We got the paper signed, they got the blessing. Couldnt have ever hoped to be married by a lovelier priest either. It was a lovely day.

My atheist dad? Well when HE was alive he went on and on about how when you are dead you are dead... end of story. Just bones and flesh in a box. SO he was buried in a church ceremony.... because it was IMPORTANT for MUM that he had a religious funeral. And since Mum was the one left and Dad wouldnt have cared we did that.... and it was perfect.

The church didnt burn down when Dad was wheeled in.... the roof didnt fall in when I was married, noone was struck dead by lightning or self-combust.

My girls havent been christened.

And I say all this with NO disrespect to anyone who IS religious.

I hope you and the family and little Harry have a lovely day. (What is his saints name?)

Marry that woman!
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Re: Pip Juniors (Harry) Christening

Postby pip » Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:36 pm

No wedding on the horizon Del :D

Harry Benjamin is his name Del.
There is a Saint Henry and Harry is a derivative of Henry :D
There is a St Haralambos but only for the Orthodox Christain Church .
Benjamin was a Persian Saint :D
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