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Re: Jubilee Celebrations

Postby Del » Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:05 pm

I had a wonderful time watching all the celebrations of the Jubilee :D Only thing I skipped on was the church service.

And it was on quite a few channels here. Sky seemed to do the best job of it though I thought.

Loved my "Jubilee E-Card" Batty sent me too :D :D

Hey.... about the River Parade..... One of the reporters said "I just saw something that I don't believe any of the cameras picked up. When it was announced that the fly past was not going to happen, an Air Force helicopter that had been patrolling the river during the parade for security, flew down in front of the Queens barge, hovered for a second, lowered its front in a bow and flew off"

I loved that! :D Wish someone had filmed it. :clap: :clap:

And to all the no-sayers.... do you consider what that coverage has done for your economy? I mean you have the Royals! Thats a bigger draw card than Disneyland no matter what you think. The budgets for tourism advertisements in other countries amounts to multi-millions every year... THEN you have to get the ads "out there" which costs multi-millions more. The coverage to places like HERE werent just the royal stuff... it was like the wedding of Wills and Kate. It showed places from all over the UK. A continuous stream of "come to us" hour after hour.

Crikey... we had Oprah Winfrey in Oz for a week and the tourism dollar from the USA alone quadrupled!

*steps down off her soapbox* Anyway.... I loved it.... :D

EDIT: Oh oh oh oh oh ...... and I was watching it when the oldest popped in for a visit. It was the moment the crowds were surging down the Mall to see the Queen get on the balcony and wave. I said to the daughter "You know hwat? If I was going to be in a crowd like that EVER.... wouldn't you go as "Wally"? You would wouldnt you?" AND WHO SHOULD THEY ZOOM IN ON THAN A GUY STANDING STILL DRESSED AS WALLY!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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