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Postby Tonyblack » Sat Dec 06, 2008 6:27 pm

This is a message we received today from 350.org. This group is trying to draw attention to the rising amount of co2. The aim is to get it to the relatively 'safe' level of 350 parts per million.

It's 3 in the morning in Poland and I need your help with an experiment. Can you take 2 minutes watch an animation and help take over YouTube?

A little background: starting a week ago, a few members of the international 350.org team have converged for the annual UN Climate Conference. It's a little crazy here--over 9,000 people representing 190 countries have gathered to negotiate our collective future. Things are changing by the hour, and there's both bad news and good news to report.

The bad news first: lots of countries still don't get it, and some (most notably, the EU) are using delay tactics to postpone action, squandering time that scientists say we simply do not have.

Now for the good news: over 49 of the least developed countries (that's more than a quarter of the world's nations) just announced support for a 350 target. This is AMAZING, as last year a 350 goal wasn't even on the map. It's testament to your hard work--and the very real threats these countries are facing right now--that we've come so far in such a short time.

More good news: there is a movement bubbling up here--scores of people are working with us, both inside and outside of the UN, to campaign for strong climate action in the face of stiff political opposition. This Saturday, we're all going to join hundreds of activists in Poland--and thousands of people around the world--for the Global Day of Action for the Climate.

You can be part of this. The first option is to look for an action taking place near you on Saturday, December 6th.

The second option is the experiment I referred to: I need your help taking over YouTube with climate change videos, as part of a collaborative campaign with some of our partner organizations.

It's an unconventional tactic, but sometimes, simply getting people to listen and talk makes a difference--that is, if you can get the right conversation going.

Today, we're asking you to be part of this conversation by commenting on a 90-second animation about 350. If we can get enough comments and ratings, we can climb the YouTube charts. With your help, we'll make YouTube all about climate change, even if just for one day.

Our video is a 90-second animation that explains 350--the science, the art, the movement--without using a single word. I think you'll like it. Please watch it, comment, and pass it on.

People are always talking about how we need to reach outside the choir. YouTube is the third most popular site on the internet. If we can make a splash there, we'll be well on our way to spreading 350 all around the world.

So please, watch the video today and take a minute to comment on it, and help start a climate conversation.

Thanks for all you do,

Jon and the rest of the 350.org team.

P.S. We'll be reporting on the UN Meetings over the next week--check in with our blog or follow us on Twitter!

So please watch the video and if you have a YouTube account please rate the video and post a comment.

That's all you need to do - but it's important! :)
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