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Postby wicked woman » Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:40 pm

Penfold wrote:
Morty wrote:If I worked for the DLA team I wouldn't answer the phone to me today :lol: :lol: :lol:

Lucky you work for the A Team and not the DLA Team :evil: (second raters), which seem to be comprised of;

Hannibal Lecter:- Commander in Charge (of food vouchers).
(face)Ache:- interrogations expert.
FA:- payouts.
Hopping Mad (R. Anybody):- claimant.

Good luck, the A Team are right behind you! :)

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Good luck Morty
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Postby wicked woman » Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:41 pm

We now have page 3.
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Postby Danny B » Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:53 pm

wicked woman wrote:We now have page 3.


Sorry about that, Pavlovian reaction. :P

Best of luck Morty. I remember the hoops my poor dad was made to jump through after he took ill. I hope things work out for you, I'll keep my fingers crossed on your behalf.
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Postby Morty » Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:30 am

Thanks all for your best wishes. It's funny how many of you say ''I'll keep my fingers crossed for you''
My fingers on my right hand are always crossed. There're also twisted, bent and can't tell the difference between hot and cold. The hand doesn't work so I can't sign the DLA form......and still according to the CAB because I can walk I might not get DLA.

Anyway better news on the horizon. I have found an organization that specializes in getting disabled people jobs. I have an appointment in 12 hours time. My doctor will go mental if I get a job three months after the stroke. Most of my friends have said I'm mad.

I'm struggling to stay warm, pay my bills and have enough to eat. As my Dad used to say if you want something you have to work to get it.

I'm putting DLA in the same folder as my lottery tickets I never expect to win the lottery but I always buy a ticket.

My thoughts are on finding work..........ASAP.
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Postby Ponder Stibbons » Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:24 am

Moist von Lipwig wrote:At least when it will be really 3 pages long, it will be all truth. :lol:

I dont know about that. I dont know about that at all. The truth has ways of being twisted.
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Postby Dotsie » Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:04 pm

Morty wrote:My thoughts are on finding work..........ASAP.

Good luck, but don't strain anything! If I see anything I'll let you know :wink:
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Postby And » Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:56 pm

Having just won my battle for higher level DLA I also reckon the swines will use the "you can walk" get - out clause.
The winter weather ensured I was in real pain the day of my doctor's assessment which no doubt helped my cause. I'd stopped taking Ibuprofen for a while as well, to give my system a break, so the pain wasn't masked. I was in agony, but it did mean the doc saw me at my worst, which is the whole point of being examined.

I had a log of my slips, trips and falls ready as well as notes I'd made on the questions I was likely to be asked.

The DLA is an allowance given for the extra expense your disability causes you. Focus on what your disability stops you from doing, because that's what the money is for.

Are you going for the care component, as well Morty? I didn't get the care component as whilst standing for a long time is painful, I can sit to cook on a high stool (allegedly; ever tried it?) rather than stand. But I've got my bus pass, will have my blue badge and I also have the monetary allowance of course.

My next battle is to try and use my hours working as a freelance tutor to claim disabled persons' tax credit alongside the part-time hours I work as an hourly-paid tutor for the county council.

Best of luck with this one. :D
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Postby Jan Van Quirm » Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:29 pm

When I can finally get into my old PC and get the new one running (next week finally with any luck) remind me to let anyone who wants it have this really brilliant 'underground' URL that give excellent guidance on how to ensure you get absolutely as much as you are entitled to and deserve for IB and DLA... 8) As Morty knows, the forms are a real bugger to understand even if English is your 1st language and some of the questions are phrased so you tend towards minimizing rather than stating your real symptoms and how they stop you performing those little daily domestic tasks that make life bearable - such as holding a full kettle of water in one hand without chucking half of it down the sink... :x

I used the form walk-throughs for both physical and mental components last July for getting my IB continued and not only was that done but I don't have to re-apply for it until 2012 (unless I make a miracle recovery or win the lottery) :twisted: I also gave them a piece of my mind about how the mental health assessment questions (only 2 of them on IB) probably contravene human rights. :evil: Even with the good advice on this site, I could only just complete them, having been a professional form designer. Gods know just how someone medicated for severe schizophrenia/bi-polar disorder manages it I shudder to think! The official advice? Get someone to complete the reply boxes for you... :roll: There are 2, half A4 page (if that) boxes in which you're supposed to write how your 'condition' affects your daily life. :evil: And this for a potentially and literally fatal affliction (and not just for you either if you're deemed fit to live in the community and able to remember to take your pills properly :roll: ) - and they don't even give you the dignity of acknowledging you have a medically debilitating 'normal' life-limiting illness. Get every last penny you can out of the b*ggers, especially if you've paid your full whack on national insurance all your working life. :roll:
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