A very merry christmas to you all.

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Postby Cheery » Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:33 pm

Merry Christmas everyone!


Happy Hogswatch and a wonderful holiday to you all!

Greetings from Switzerland!
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Postby CrysaniaMajere » Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:14 pm

It's lovely Cheery :P :P you look great :lol:

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you, really ALL of you :o Image

and HappY New Year Image

Image Hope you're all on the right list and get wonderful presents, and anything you deserve :D :D
ImageMERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!
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Postby Tonyblack » Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:33 pm

Look, you've got it all wrong! You don't NEED to follow ME, You don't NEED to follow ANYBODY! You've got to think for your selves! You're ALL individuals!
Yes! We're all individuals!
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Postby Who's Wee Dug » Thu Dec 24, 2009 6:48 pm

Merry Christmas to all on the forum hope it's a good one. Image Image
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Postby cols » Thu Dec 24, 2009 8:39 pm

Merry Christmas to everyone here

I love the drawing Cherry :D
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Postby Phoenix » Fri Dec 25, 2009 1:14 am

Merry Christmas everyone :D
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Postby Tina a.k.a.SusanSto.Helit » Fri Dec 25, 2009 1:16 am

Merry Christmas to One and All!!
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Postby Dotsie » Fri Dec 25, 2009 2:23 pm

Merry Christmas from the Dotsie household to one and all!

Love the new look Cheery! :lol:
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Postby chris.ph » Sat Dec 26, 2009 3:04 pm

merry christmas from us lot :)
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Postby Annebn » Sat Dec 26, 2009 9:10 pm

Merry Christmas (what's left of it) everyone!
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Postby Bouncy Castle » Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:09 pm

A belated Happy Hogswatch to all my Discworld pals, and a very HAPPY AND HEALTHY New Year to all of you and your families.

Of course, you're still all potty. Completely box of frogs the lot of you. :wink:
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