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Postby janet » Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:56 pm

I wish I'd had the courage to speak at my Dad's funeral last year Jan. In the end the local vicar (partially retired) did the honours but he didn't know Dad and based his address on what I wrote for him which was much the same thing as it turned out. I had only a few scraps to go on in organising it all a) Dad didn't want a church funeral, and b) there was one piece of music he wanted to be played. Both wishes were respected.
I hope you can now let go a bit and have a peaceful day for Christmas with your memories and a warm home to cuddle you. x
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Postby swreader » Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:22 am

Jan- the service sounds lovely. Not knowing your Dad, I can't be sure, but it sounds as if it would have been something he'd have enjoyed--and perhaps did. Big Hugs to you and your Mom, and condolences to all the family.
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Postby Morty » Thu Dec 24, 2009 3:21 am

When my Mum passed away two years ago it came as a huge surprise to me that she’d asked for a non religious funeral. When it’s my turn I suspect that God will not be too pleased with me and I expect to spend a long time at the Gates of Heaven explaining some of my antics but my faith in him is unshakable.

I was very uneasy attending a funeral where there was going to be no mention of God or eternal peace but it was what Mum wanted. During my 58 years I have been too far too many funerals and have always come away from them feeling very sad and as my years have advanced feeling that my it might my turn next.

Mums funeral was completely different, I did not have Jan’s strength to take part in the service but the guy who did it was very good at what he did. There were no hymns just records that were Mums favourites and I know this may sound a terrible thing to say but I found myself enjoying the service.

I don’t remember any tears during or after the service and as we walked out of the hall to the sound of Glenn Miller playing Little Brown Jug I knew that Mum was there.

I saw that Sharlene thought it was possible that your Dad was there Jan. I’ll go a little bit further and say I’m sure he was there and that he would have been immensely proud of you.

You have done everything he asked of you Jan and all he will want now is to see his family enjoy a Christmas knowing that he’s at peace, free from pain and a very proud man.

Merry Christmas to you and all your family Jan.
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Postby Jan Van Quirm » Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:41 am

:oops: :D Thank you janet, Sharlene, Morty and everyone. I'm glad we saw everything through and the only reason I was able to stand up for 5 mins is mostly because of the support I've had from all my friends on or offline. That and the knowledge that dad couldn't stand any falseness for the last occasion he'd be with us in body at least. His spirit is actually still with mum in in the bungalow as she can see his skill and presence all around her with his carvings and paintings - there isn't a square foot in there that he hasn't adorned or twiddled with to make it work 'properly'! :lol

Oh - and the other reason I was able to be 'brave'. :P I had my new reading glasses on so I couldn't see a bloody thing except my piece of paper once I'd put them on. :wink: I got blotto once I finally got back home though as nearly everything except the funeral was jinxed for me that rest of the day :roll:
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