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Postby swreader » Thu Nov 19, 2009 1:03 am

Tina, some of your confusion was undoubtedly caused by the TV in the Restaurant. The facts are that a Detention Officer (member of the Sherriff's department) removed a document from the Defense Attorney's file while she was speaking to the judge (and thus behind her back) and after glancing at it, gave it to another officer to make a copy.

Judge Gary Donahoe, quite properly, held a hearing today, found the officer in contempt of court and ordered an unusual means of purging himself of contempt. He was ordered to hold a press conference and proffer an oral and written apology to the attorney, which she may or may not accept. If she does not, then the case returns to the court.

Sheriff Joe Arpaioresponded with his usual arrogance, though he did dance around a bit when asked directly if he was ordering his officer not to comply with the court's order. He also intimated that he would file an ethics complaint against the judge with the judicial review board.

This link is to the broadcast arm of The Arizona Republic, the most powerful single newspaper (located in Phoenix) and traditionally Republican. The story suggests that the idiot Sheriff may have finally gone to far. If this doesn't cause the Feds to act, I suspect the Judge has grounds for finding the Sheriff in contempt, and imposing punishment. The courts are entitled to and demand respect while Arpaio think that he is THE LAW in Phoenix.
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